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ing effort if the man is in good condition. The hyper

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would seem to support the view of Dr. Leszynsky that it


experience and consolidation many of them have not equalled in the year

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but when epidemic drainage is of no value. When his

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the flesh becomes firmer and harder. Still born or newly born calves have

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tained if necessary as well as possible by nutrient

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Among them are peptonized milk gruel peptonized por

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recurrence. The latter was in his opinion simply a con

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point when the retardation begins. But the diminished density of the susceptible

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much more rapid than the former has as its apparatus the vessels of

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the period of the angina. He believes from his observa

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The pneumoeoccus was present in pure culture in per cent.

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he had completely recovered from the shock. After recov

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by Kansas City Denver Honolulu Atlantic City Seattle

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manifested itself between the fifteenth and thirty fifth years. It is very

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organizational disappearance factional splits increased rather than decreased radicalism and

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He studied medicine with Dr. Hubbard Smith of Deruyter and

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nitrous oxide in producing insensibility. Jackson treated Morton s pro

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purgative being sufficient for their cure. Other cases were

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A fourth commission appointed him to be a Resident Sur

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sweet after fifteen days one sent to Panama was found

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The Trunk Line Passenger Association offers especially at

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fact that chronic alcoholism is not so frequent among

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or subsequently. I therefore abandoned this plan of op


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