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commander. In November a Disposition Board including a surgeon had

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tetics namely What proportion of protein should the diet contain

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third article treats of closure of the external auditory

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The intestine distended with flatus ingesta or fseces. It is

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Left sided cerebral haemorrhage in common situation. Myocardium

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cases in which only one or two vesicles result from four or five

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manifesting itself by pain stiffness swelling and probably some

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simple unpretending way of living. She was an indus

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Ii a catheter ran be introduced into the larynx the ar

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are believed to be more or lees characteristic of adrenal insufficiency

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destroying fats and that the integument when it has

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should be done out doors and natural sciences should

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least two weeks but not more than to cc fluidrachm should

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of reproduction and of the means of detecting gestation in its earliest

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origin of chorea rather than of the theory that chorea

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The late lamented Dr. D. Elliot Eeynolds mentioned eighteen

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to the virus in the animals and infecting new fields and water

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exception of a little emphysema the rest of the lung structure

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the other societies are sueing in forma pauperis. They are

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tion Mr. Cochran betook himself to tlie study of physic

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fessor of Physiology Queen s College Belfast Honor

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Allen says there is some reason to believe that in cases

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that exertion may start anew the circulation. In Black Teg the tongue

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of mortality is high in the Hospital generally but this is

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the period of treatment. The hand and forearm are placed upon

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for positions in this service has been raised and the result is that

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F. Such other reference committees as the speaker shall deem

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a variety of erythrodermie pityriasique en plaques con

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interested in the subject and highly approved of Dr.

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forces and particularly the cells of the gland are able

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of encephalic lesion was the want of correspondence between the

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the cinchona region in the other hemisphere. The first site

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She soon recovered her health and strength under this treatment com

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calculated to supply this want. The general tone of the

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some distance gradually diminishing toward the end of its course where a


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