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Experiments on white rats gave results similar to those in dogs.

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certainly contains some form of proteid which reacts to the biuret

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blood supply to the limb by placing a piece of sponge

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by the Commissioners into three classes. The term of

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deformity so that the overcorrected result would be worse

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tent to say that there was a congenital weakness of the

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illimitable and to designate by the special name of hormone every con

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rarities compared to the great mass of our digestive

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early syphilides viz. vesicular pustular ecthymatous bullous

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bord quand on inuove quand on r forrae onsait ce qu on

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and to me it was a very interesting case because my patient a

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seemed to be of some advantage in assisting the operation o

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Another girl seven weeks old died of purulent bronchitis.

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most possess a high germicidal power. It must not be handicapped by

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results obtained we present the statistics of the Massa

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of the body of the male forms a coil the correspond

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were carried on with much cordiality and great benefit to the

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it is apparent that all arteries carry pure or arterial blood

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not the method but the extreme nervous condition of

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small tumor has reoccurred while the skin shows a keloid

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where the accounts taken of the lesions in bovines affected with

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the other. An interesting experiment is described by Head which illustrates

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way. Hepatic abscesses and echinococcus cysts may compress the mtin bile

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Sometimes a suppression of Gonorrhoea will cause inflammation and

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To ftcure the difpenfing of the original preparation

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nation shows that this has no connection with the brain

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flattened pear shaped body palpable beneath the cervix

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ach very irritable. The pam occasionally slacks off a little but

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so brilliant the patient is so evidently snatched from the jaws

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Fourth. Not long before the period for her confinement if the gravity

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tissue formerh regarded as a noli me tangere has not proved so

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the morphia is neutralized and dissolved evaporate and crystallize. Lastly


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