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ate of potash combined and dissolved in water. The bitartrate of
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measvu es which are usually adopted in haemorrhage generally suffice to
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recurrent parotitis has to become bilaterial but I have been able to
members of the.Medical Profession especially were at least
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attainment. To this subject I shall recur in the following
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congestion but none of these causes can compare with diseases of the
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Some ladies suffer intensely at every menstrual period. They have
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publicatiotis ivhich may be sent to it and an acknowledg
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product of the soil unlike McDowell and Dudley not trained in foreign
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this instance the surgeon mistook the effects of the thickening
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in Pulmonary Phthisis Depression and Nervous Debility Adynamia Malarial Cachexia etc.
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becomes infiltrated with air this condition is recognized by passing the
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ment of the aviation medical dispensary. According to the Command Surgeon
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descended nearly to the lowest part of the scrotam is quite
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ordinary brandy. Rum was shown to be more toxic than
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looks upon the vinegar inhalations as of first impor
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hyperkinesia apparently an excitation of the cortical motor centres
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in horses in which it usually occurs as a sequel of croupous
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which means that swine breeders maintain two brood sows
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drugs into the human system by electricity. It will be
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is trying to douche a pregnant uterus that he has erred in
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plasm was a sarcoma originating from the products of conception.
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suffocating anxiety great burning and heat in the chest
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this fibrine arise from the blood by exudation the amount so lost
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twelve months was increased to the size of a walnut. A
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and are not like fo many threads extended along the


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