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alcohol doses were used one containing approximately
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facilitated hy stating that the strongest is not half so strong
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on the part the head should be lowered the vein must
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prolonged use of meal made from grain contaminated with the Clavi
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up so far as to cause almost complete obliteration of the temporal pulses.
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modification of the abduction splint shown in Fig..
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giant ganglion cells from all others around them there is more
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the infant was in the grip of a fatal disease. Often
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of the disease such as are met with in typhoid fever
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By observing the rhythmic contractions of an isolated strip of the small
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brittle than natural and inclined to split longitudinally and in flakes.
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woman who on examination is found to have tabes said
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calibre will I think be evident when it is remembered that
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fined in asylums at a great expense to the public.
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For the week ending January st in Boston according to
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anced the increased cost of the anesthesia. Hamburger
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very pronounced hemianalgesia on the entire paralyzed
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an old ulcer healed up that disease on account of the suppres
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tine treatment is becoming a thing of the past. The
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by which it can prevent great fluctuations in the COj tension of the
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get the full momentum of the drug an ett ect not otherwise
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distressing. The general features may be quite pronounced.
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originally appropriated for the use of the Hospital.
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blood from the artery into the ventricle causing an overdistention of the
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individual were found in an ancient grave in the vicinity
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soon disappears leaving the tubercle clearly defined on the
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Webster although there was twenty years difference in their ages
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huge crevasse from which ufrs of a bluish white vapor
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pert be called upon to state whether or not the accused is of
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character of the urine. Even when the bowels are not moved


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