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fact the area was not Ethiopian yet but Menelik was anx

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By this proceeding there was drawn off without much difficulty

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instance Harles says De ugu Arsemd in M cUgirm Norimbergme jk

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occur without any change in oxygen consumption whereas on the other

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from pathological changes of its tissues the effect of inflammation or

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endeared admired our friend and counselor generous wise inspiring a

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place in event of the failure of early occlusion by

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that there existed a dislocation of lie head of the femur upwLds on

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The best outward application consists of equal parts

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passed a pair of forceps into the opening and drew out

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those of oxen especially when fat and fit for market.

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I have used the lactic acid in a number of cases of uterine

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capsule standing out into the anterior chamber were plainly

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ing string had been withdrawn yet no injury was visible.

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elsewhere. Conditions of malnutrition neurasthenia anemia etc.

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to their cough. Everywhere the children ran about lustily and when

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and ingeniously stained for potassium by cobalt hexanitrite. By such

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and indeed excess of any carbo hydrates in the dietary. Pepton

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test gives highly satisfactory results in these early stages of glanders

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will be found smaller as if an astringent injection had been used

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that the lateral line primordia that is the sensory lines found in

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cold weather and persons who partake of its pleasun s should be

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ter extension being resorted to as a curative means in morbus coxa

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at age groups representing infancy childhood youth ma

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an infectious cause. Micro organisms were not found but deposits of

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chiefly found at a depth of fifteen fathoms or thereabout the

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on the level of the cancerous mass involving the external

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aneurism when the upper or cardiac portion of the vessel


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