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bladder and urethra, as one might fancy would be the case, for
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24 hour urine analysis were inconvenient, but the special diets were the limit.
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lar aperture, about two lines in diameter, and a sound passed through it found a
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formed within the solidified tracts of lung-substance; and that finally
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Any paper, after being presented at the session, may be pub-
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symptoms. Her treatment consisted in the application of leeches to
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remedies. A discussion followed, and then Dr. Victor
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mments. — The ease was a severe one. Made an excellent
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i-atheter into the sound part of the urethra, and then into
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5th. Timothy Huggins Bishop, New Haven, on Cataract.
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infection; (5) there had been no fistula, abscess, or
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been put to experiment by all the investigators in science combined
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no particular departure from health, and are generally well grown and
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tion. Without such means of relief, painful ulcers may occur, which it
vated by exercise, and was much worse at night. During the
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W. Frith Hunter, M.R.C.S., to Jaue, eldest daughter of H. Cooper, Esq.
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1984b Preliminary Final Environmental Impact Statement-
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Patient's general condition of nervousness seems sufficient to account for
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the preliminary stages be carried out on certain animals, since the
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Rupture of vessels, produced by diminished elasticity of
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provision to which I think we should strongly object,
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drug that does good. It is recommended very highly by Brooklyn
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Maceration. — This is simpler than percolation. It consists in
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to syphilis, that it simulates all other diseases, might
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society and keep in touch with scientific medicine. Many stay away for
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These may be reversible or irreversible and are followed by changes in


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