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perience. No lecturer can intelligently cover in an hour

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tluee quarters of an inch in diameter. With the exception

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cially the appearance of ferments. These proteins may be derived from dis

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for such purposes. He was a fine horseman and in his

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appear but in the large percentage of cases in which

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adding any additional burden to the load the patient

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must be quick and careful for if the disease once gets a

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emulsified with soft soap and a crude mixture of tar

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its greater fenfibility than the fphineler of the bladder and gt

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stroking of the skin of the internal surface of the

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lowed in pachymeningitis a a rule by repeated attacks

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From the strangulated intestine and the adjacent irritat

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in the womb the child is likely to be as strong and

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tuberculin tolerance as possible. Trudeau who had prc bably the longest in

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muscular power. In the state of distension therefore which

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a feverish disposition without any particular symptoms

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the face increafe their actions in confequence of their catenation

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Some of the abattoirs visited were very impressive in their

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his test I have often disregarded remarks Christison On Pois

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intimated by the fact that Dr. Johnston s son Henry Cort

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adjacent th th and nd wards. The remaining were scat

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must have been not a little mortifying for him to find

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