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ously indicated by Dr. Shahed Hasan of the medical housestaff. We appreciate
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constipation and promoting a feeling of better health.
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and the purely degenerative changes in the kidney. The same causes
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masses of mucus exudate etc. from the bronchi trachea and
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attached. They should be kept in the open air in the
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stone or pebble held around in the mouth moderates thirst.
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rectly it seldom seriously injures the patient. How
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In the first place a Medical Practitioner as a rule has no
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were scarcely recognizable. It is stated that the pulse sometimes stops just
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usual remedies having given relief the writer gave the
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of the lip two weeks after a visit to a dentist who
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any. Thus in a case sent in as convalescent from measles
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from a careful study of these pathological changes
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latter is drawn largely from Hare s FothergiUian Prize


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