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Case V. — Trifacial Neuralgia Involving point of almost complete blindness. There

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ness, insomnia, mental impairment, and a complete perversion

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The bone defect being an inch and one-half in diameter. The little girl soon

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in brief, and the conclusions leading up to them more fully

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opened. The fragments are then united by platinum or

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oine, and literature,” says Professor Jacques Bar-

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lower suture was now tied, while an assistant appro.xi-

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produces a brush-like appearance, the chains of conidia serving as the

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appear spontaneously, and without the assistance of art.

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duced into the country has to be smuggled in. — Ne7i'

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testine in peritonitis, or dysentery, from- palsy of the intestinal muscles,

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intestinal fermentation may be, it is wise to try salol or

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examination. It may I)e profuse and purulent in cha-

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cate the cure of the disease, but merely the restoration of

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produce great disturbance of circulation and consequent ex-

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selves, and shared to a great extent by the profession,

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or drive over one of these municipal functionaries, when

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the certificate of his preceptor, to prove when he commenced his studies.

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part supplies water to the congregation at Moore's.

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cation. How often did we hear the remark in reference to an intoxi-

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(Calcutta) ; Mr. F. J. Gant ; Dr. Dickson ; Dr. Corfe ; Mr. J. Chatto ;

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and extinguishment of a Philadelphia professor who as-

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the cords in phonation and in coughing, so that the voice is low pitched

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had been crying out with pain in the head until unconsciousness supervened.

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The Wisconsin Medical Journal (ISSN 0043-6542) is the official publication of the State Medical Society of Wisconsin and is devoted to the

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three times ; I could then touch the breast without difficulty. Her

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I. Apparatus for correction of scoliosis by pressure,

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case the bladder was lacerated. One case was reported of postpartum

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lesion in the suprarenals and gradually destroying the chromaffin

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satisfaction of his representing them on many occasions during

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a thing of the past. StiO, the lessons flowing from it have not

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punishment which the soldier had received was of undue and

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cold water, and thoroughly sponged with weak carbolic or hamamelis.

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