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Mr. Wainewright's Case of Fracture of Head of Radius. 77
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A third type of syphilitic hemiplegia is that where both
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into the pleural cavity the exhibition of diffusible stimulants
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witli beer and left on the tal)le. Aljout five minutes
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that a course of arsenic is often successful in curing or relieving
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but it refers to an obscure printer, who performed some work for the
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mucus begins to appear. In the cases with marked intestinal catarrh
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convolution was found to consist of a large loop of gut that had
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New York constantly from ports in Asia where bubonic
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cinity in two types: typical abortive cases of poliomy-
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The Laryngeal Manifestations of Typhoid Fever. — L. B.
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"nasal sinusitis." If successful in this regard, the
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matic symptoms be controlled by the use of hyoscyamus in
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six weeks' time, has expired from the commencement of actual
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eight weeks after patient's gestation terminated. In some cases
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can better, and in a more simple way, illustrate the
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on which he had brought the subject of the intimate pathology of tubercle
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Air at sea, cures owing to it, a'nd not to the motion of the ship 82
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institutions. During his years as a dean he had many crises, but he
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am very grateful to Mr. Aubrey Pollock, my house surgeon,
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effects of diametrically opposed forms of treatment in the two
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Through the courtesy of Dr. T. Hardy Smith, Chairman of the Committee in charge of the Exhibit Hall, we are en-
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Scurvy ix an Infant of vSix Weeks. — The patient was born
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paction as the cause, and I think this will be found in the
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experienced operators, that any intervention involving muti-
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mucous membranes. In a case of cancer of the face, for example,
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only through the greater activity of the ciliated bodies.
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The Pituitary : A Study of the Morphology, Physiology,
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The troops themselves are berthed on one or two lower
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tense pain in the hepatic region, the cause for which
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chronic ulceration with either hyperchlohydria or hypochlohydria,
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tion first arose on the appearance of faecal vomit.
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return to a student of any moneys after payment of fees, or any appropriation of funds of the
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