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occasionally subject to attacks of diphtheria which occur in various

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The genera and species described in this paper are Cam

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spinal column in early childhood and evidences of it

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for mental disease. The record contains several pieces of correspondence from Mrs.

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quantities of arsenic into the organism without dan

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still intact or only recently ruptured he said the gravity

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very queer kind of chicken pox or some sort of bastard

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grows in a inarked m inner in extra uterine pregnancy where the ovum

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upon the paper and have generally approved the rationality of the

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sistent hymen and a pathological perineum demand the

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ance with different diseases as regards their clinical histories. It would be

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posited. According to my experience tonic treatment and the use of

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of a minute and pints per day on the assumption that its whole

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seat of a facial palsy below the stylomastoid foramen

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ment activity primarily excited by tuberculin to act on the poison

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of early fetal death. In the later months syphilis is still considered the

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tal or physical prostration they act as strong stimulants without

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hospitals without much regard to the type of injury. Those with a rapid

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case in order to assure as far as possible prompt and com

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swelling is detected. When the disease has existed for some time the tube

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inspection according to Dr. Ferguson would seem to have shown

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tion of the nostril. In man whose nostrUs are rigid facial paralysis has

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temporarily restore them. Vocal resonance is generally in

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est stress without developing the disease and should

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due to psychical causes it may arise from organic hrain disease

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