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readily with carbolfuchsin less readily with Loffler s methylene blue.

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process of coagulation and contrary to the opinion of Wooldridge

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The eggs of S. scutatum present in the feces of cattle

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entire attack I employed absolutely no other treat

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ment. The characters represented were the very men who

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per cent. aqueous solution of carbolic acid. Wash dry and

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nococci. Older and more recent investigators have unanimously

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every moment into the lungs and the general weakness would be in

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health giving pure air provided here by Mother Nature

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sults of serum therapy were not always so satisfactory as

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Note. Acting on De Christmas s finding that in animals

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opinion or popular applause but he is the exception.

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say that for the first time in the medical history of the

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the war. At the time of the January February ophthalmologic survey

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