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scribed. She improved under this plan but she now complained of
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ing to his statement had had homosexual impulses with
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other contagious maladies its extension is coincident with in
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supplement and assist similar organizations Ambulance Com
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equally pass to the organ secondarily implicated and add to the mis
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greatly interested in anatomy and physiology. Dr. Weir Mitchell in an
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are most frequently in the form of an infiltration of blood but
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with the most cordial affection and respect. He was
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tlie attack small doses sixth of a grain of saccharated calomel
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The doctrine of crises originated with Hippocrates. He noticed
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An attempt to arrest the progress of the staphyloma and
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intestinal tract in cases of dementia precox we early
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surface. A pad of zinc ichthyol salve muslin should be inserted between
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tension. If the patient is below par digitalin gr. may
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a feeling of fatigue and thus the extraordinary move
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tions of this however caused death by carbolic acid poison
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the visual hallucinations are subject to numerous varia
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other channels. The bowels previously regular now be
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sportsmen and travellers a responsibility that brought
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when possible. Because of the lack of suitable material mess supplies were
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of some of the new and rarely used substances we find definite advice
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sioBal orders for stimulation in order to find more exactly what effect each
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fested in his practice at the Hospital for Sick Children.
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ments of these entoxoa has never been questioned but it has
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shortened muscles. The adductors are divided by a inch
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treatment with warm solutions of lead water or bor
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anything like corrosive poisoning. The sterno and costo
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The large nymphomaniac cysts necessarily project far be
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myelitis. S. Flexner states that the experimental study
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The blood is dark its coagulability is greatly diminished and Canon and
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tion of the artery or the artery s systole. Such an
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drato de cocaina en la viruela. Unicn mt d. Lerida
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English language so that even without the present work
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to fill up anew with bone..After the fatal accident the
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must also be added for the secondary sexual characters.
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siders that Still s conclusions in favor of the congestion theory as dependent
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of an actual contagion iov in those e idemics which occurred
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pect that this corps should be established on lines similar to those


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