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Arsenic and iodide of potassium with strychnine are often of

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A sterilized Nelaton catheter is now introduced into the bladder

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to no purpose. He will tell you that he attributes his cure chiefly

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fine that only the bristle of a hypodermatic needle could

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inflammation extends up into the bell it is nearly always fatal. If you

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at both the right and left internal inguinal rings but at the

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therapeutic anfl the tolerated dose as apparently ex

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as well as antisyphilitic action. Wright s.attention was


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stimulant. Its action is best in small doses of the tincture and

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compound the nitrous oxide or laughing gas and the corro

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to copulate with another being likewise an hermaphrodite so as to re

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the notion that such symptoms can only arise from a hyper

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Whether we look upon these fevers as climatic or miasmatic it is

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weeks and when the infant is fully under its influence

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bladders either as a coincidence or as a result of can

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maser microwave amplification by the stimulated emission of radiation it was a

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ties either irritative or paralytic. The irritative lesions give rise to

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primarily attacked the bacilli are swallowed with the sputum in

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to and on the Hamburg side of the boundary line between Hamburg

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Oils. There are two varieties of oils used in medicine

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from the middle ear to the throat discovered by Vesalius but called

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and other impurities and is of a Ught yellowish color.

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tain the parts and sufficient tissue to preserve a useful

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bearing compound of albumin and globulin which he has named

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points out the differ. een it and a number of other

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The interest taken in these lectures justifies the faculty


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