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United States. Journal advertising, too, has proved highly successful.

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order of development. In the specialized tissue injury

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et de nova plitliisiii ciuandi ratione coiKsilium.)

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ago. At that time he began to have cause to urinate every

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tions for one patient without any examination at all. What is that but

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existed from three weeks to three years. Out of the 13 cases

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still remains firm. It afterward liquefies, and pus forms, so that actual

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repeated doses, enough to check, but not abort the disease. The urticaria,

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often it is much higher. When there is nothing to account for

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the developments in the field of medicine are taking

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Many paperback books were donated to the Library. Circulation of them aver-

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picture. In other cases the dyspnoea is due to a complicating bronchitis,

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attachment of the two mammae to the chest-wall is sym-

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condition of the right ureter in the specimen shown to-night; it totally failed,

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algia, to which Trousseau gave the name of epiU^tx-

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absence or comparative insignificance of the sensory phenomena, and by

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hystero-epileptic fits appear to be less common in this country than in

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class with which every practitioner is more or less familiar. They go from

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representing a real, and not a mere apparent rise, and desire to correlate

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cases enumerated above excludes the possibility of the opera-

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but when the current is downwards, as in digestion, it closes

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melancholia sine delirio, and encouraged her friends to believe that she


The discnsetl mass was nowlierc bounded by any cyst, but was {jfradually


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