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filled with cellular elements corresponding to the alveolar epithelium.

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the expenses of the visitation be paid out of the lieneral

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us differ remarkably from any of those made use of in the able

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tions are suitable, since the tissue of the organ is

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fleisch, etc.). The majority of writers hold that this is a rare form of

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distention of the tube varies, and tlie sausage-shaped tumours are

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making sections of the muscle parallel with its surface.

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plan of organization presented by the Committee on Organiza-

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in some cases a moderate hyperleukocytosis has been observed. There

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Fort Bourke, a place much farther inland than either of them,

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Dr. H. P. Newman, at the Masonic Hall. Dr. Edwin RicketU read

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important fact, however, is developed by the investi-

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of the blood destined for the supply of a limb is cut off, all the tissues


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