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from the air and the water of combustion which must be expelled through

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The President now appointed the following as an auditing

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and perhaps of a fossil origin polished black with an appearance of

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is probably not a distinct homogeneous disease process but rathei a

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radius can be distinctly felt indicating its point of contact with the

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daries between the States of New York and New Jersey and a

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Dr. McSherry is opposed and justly so to the continuance of the

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object to have careful condensation without omission. He

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Broca. Deuxieme edition completenient refondue. Ouv

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study of the common forms will be required of every student

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tension of the urethritis into the direct zone of the

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may use this formula. It is especially good in conjestion of

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any rate in some degree. It will be observed that reliance

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in turn by the small bowel. Diarrhoea and haemorrhage

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At the post mortem examination a localised serous effusion was found in

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bodily exertion as climbing of stairs could be borne

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that such diminution of the circulating blood enables

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and increased headache the bowels become loose and the abdomen

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makes an incision in the middle line of the perinseum or penis

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weather was not especially conducive to fermentation processes.

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tions was amenable to satisfactory treatment in fact

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eral soreness with a point of maximum tenderness in

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or neurotic traits in of whom developed definite evidence of maladjust

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patient otitis and meningitis developed both caused by the

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of all sorts of incurable diseases were exerted upon this

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pressure. As a general rule however we may say that the pain of


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