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the body as a whole. Contrasted with this is the form seen in

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The diagnosis is made upon the afore mentioned points and upon

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abuse an lt l established an effective system of street clean

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Early in the war the German Societies for the Care of

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to the fact that the living principle reaches the central nervous system

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The confirmation of these researches would necessarily deprive the

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physician for the county he must go to see everybody and furnish

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should retain the limb in a position of extension when he

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to the following case of ante part urn hemorrhage which was treated

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solute. Pupils fixed edges of disks slightly hazy. Deep re

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altogether on the side of quarantine and in face of the

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to centimetres to inches this tube should be connected

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the latter presenting a picture more like septicemia.

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will perhaps have to pursue that method of treatment for a considerable

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chapter he examines the various methods of investigation selec

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bacteria some growing at very low and others at extremely high

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Dr. Wurmb in Yi ina without either of them being able to

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precise and elegant diction. While at first thought it

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of the d stended stomach the opening of the pylorus and

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made after the first attack found increased knee jerks rry slight

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objects for wfiose accommodation protection and cure it is

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muscular rheumatism the chronicity of the trouble and

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luted perchloride into each nostril. This immediately

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which was referred to the Committee of Publication.

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recorded and among the lesions found are illustrations

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his own devices. You therefore instruct him how to cut and treat the

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to be deposited chiefly in three organs the liver spleen and bone

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had been in attendance before we were called showing that

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with them and it will be observed in the report that the

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The Committee on Dissemination of Bovine Tuberculosis

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cause the contagion has become much attenuated. This

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loose pieces was enlarged by the rongeur. The brain

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was an ethical controversy concerning which the laity are as competent

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The use of alum was recommended more than fifteen years ago

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of the iodides it is necessary more often than not to give

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the histology of a tumor which was a typical adenoma of the

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So that Dr. Billing s theory is supported by the phenomena

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exclusive system of medicine shall be entitled to membership. Before a


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