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artificial production of cataract by feeding rabbits on naph

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the specific cause of yeUow fever have likewise no scientific basis

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Anthrax is most common in the ox and the different do

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occasional interregnum spans a generous part of a whole season and

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against tuberculosis enjoyed by those living in high altitudes

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recorded and in l of cases of diabetic coma. Schupfer attrib

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tion. It may be the first indication of the presence of

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The great principles which he conceived and introduced into practice

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anatomical anomalies and individual peculiarities of the genus

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nistic discordant disorganized powerless without unanimity of

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more widespread surgeons would find it increasingly diffi

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more of the cases may be without the rash. Desquamation however may

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The Care and Treatment of Epileptics. By William Pryor Letch

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strongest sparks so as to produce the greatest possible

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ing in the region of the submaxillary gland with a rapid involvement

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the bileducts. In this way he had instilled often as much

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sion of an already much depressed patient the salicylates and olive oil

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tween the study of the fundamental tissues and that of organs. Through

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stained with Wright s stain for minutes and then with Giemsa s

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ence that it is wrong and useless in the majority of

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respecting the early methods employed in the healing art both

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of the eyes to prevent blindness and lias many prescrip

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Distinct crepitant rales had been wanting over the con

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of the iris. In cases of anaphylactic shock the eye phenomena men

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the Roentgen rays has been supplied by a case published by Oberst

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Community Nursing in Sulphide by Miss Jessie Farquharson

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an Executive Committee of three to form the Business Com

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and seemed to indicate extensive aortic valvular lesion with

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The intervals between the successive explosions of whooping cough in

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afforded every two to three hours and during the intervals

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apples are galls growing on this tree they have been

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