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In the five other cases the tube was removed on the

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printed on the cover that wc might welcome him without danger of

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was a very distinct hemiataxia..An operation was done over

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riably returns before motion. In this instance the area of anaes

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rapidly even with a single aspiration. The streptococcus empyema is the

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in the other due to severe uterine and ovarian cramps the

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pletion and the average age at which it begins varies from forty five

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learn all the facts in a given case and to consult before

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was distended b blowing it up within the stomach the end

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spleen. There was no pulmonary tuberculosis and the

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tion as to whether they occur once in administrations or once in

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of the city of Mexico must be regularly disinfected with the

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trols is not clear but the possibility of a previous unrecognized

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gested. But the complication in question must remain vei y grave

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feet equal to the supply of lamps of the same size

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the publication in of a clinical lecture by Dr. Allbutt and myself

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the possibility of the tumors being sarcomas or prostatic carcinomas

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into glycogen and serve as a source of muscular vigor.

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which he has given his findings to the medical pro

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his property but he often says he wishes the animal were dead. At

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is ftill further reafon for believing it to be a favourable fymptom

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pointed out it was considered a very critical and dangerous

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There are two or three other points of interest suggested

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of the important duties of a surgeon his education in an

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interest. The calorific properties of rice are slightly greater than

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question engorged ticks were collected from the cattle in the various

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Hospital with not less than thirty beds three months Prac

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the cerebellum and to a less extent over the pons and

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Berger always obtained good results by infusions of salt solutions into the

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to keep the entrails still by abdominal compression Jobard advised

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prior to the time he came under his observation he com


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