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The technology is further extended by the use of the data

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render a diagnosis almost impossible, more often the glands of tuberculous

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hour. The patient remained in our wards until the end of March,

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by post-mortem examination, permit the clear description of these nervous

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a single cyst of greater or less size, or numerous cysts. One kidney or

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fever, which occur daily or every third day, it is an

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the ureter, or at its upper extremity. In this way nephrotomy often becomes

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tlic dre-ing ai,a the tulu-. Owr tl,;. , I. ...:., .i i_ ■ ■ ,. , „,. .

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natives in India ; Partridge and F. Plehn, the same in Assam and in

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. ■: I--. pi;it.-! •v'T'i '■•^'' ■>''/"?''''7.*/'.*. *.*• rt.lin :' ms • f imtacioo, which,

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Dr. C. replied, " Sir, as a friend 1 am Charles Caldwell, but as an

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prevalence among those living in the low damp places. Such

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the nature of the fits ; but these, though the most obvious, were by no means the

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here nature has displayed, as in a glass, all the little intimate

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largest cavities were capable of containing a small pea,

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"Disorders of Metabolism and Nutrition;" Dr. II. Strauss.

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women, equal to the regular sick benefit of the in-

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or tincture (1-8, B.P.), 3 iv.-vi. of either for horses ; 3 ss.-i. of

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needs of South Central Connecticut. The practice consists of

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intestinal catarrh, yellow fever, Malta fever, relapsing fever, miliary

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against acute alcoholism. It is, in fact, what takes place."

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ble, it is always advisable to try TVommer^s test also. For the details

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The publication of the debates on the different questions before the

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tum. After the first week he began to improve and has

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ber seven feet into number five high-heeled shoes, and went

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diagnosis must rest on the examination of the urine. The

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other step in this direction would be for hospital man-

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which he succeeded in wedding letters and science, making each mu-

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bugaboo of "whether maternity and child welfare work does not cur-

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of the kidney, the urine contains no blood-moulds of the renal

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tonics, especially quinine, with compound tincture of

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again and again in one form or another during the life of an

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stroyed the spinous processes of the 4 upper lumbar Tertebre and

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Flexner made a report, and there were three with double glioma. It

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found at lafl fufficientlj att>a£live to gain monej and fame.

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in confluent smallpox and really severe cases is trifling, and in distinct


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