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of transport due to the non arrival of thousands of horses there.

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and the elements of prognosis arc treated of in a simi

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reports of the rash of varicella depend upon its ei hemeral

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the children of epileptics hysterics neurasthenics

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and auscultation. Dulness is detected at the apices of the lungs in

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theatres were finally selected for carrying on experimentation.

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kept quiet so long as he should sleep. In about two

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normal sometimes the nose may appear dry the patient stating that a

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acteristic symptom is a tendency as the patient recovers to turn from

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because of the ocular trouble which partly disables

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acute stage in Toronto at the present time. It is stated

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and they must also be predicated upon the facts estab

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thor feems to confefs as much by devifing this virtual extenfion to avoid

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thoracic disease. His patient and untiring industry

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daughter of a respectable coach builder in Dublin and the deceased

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struction to give and this for short periods at com

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Atlas and Epitome of External Diseases of the Eyte.

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symptoms. An hysterical fit is held to be an attack of somnambulism.

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ing the htemorrhage. Legroux on the other hand believes the

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per cent in adults. Our experience has been otherwise for out of the

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generally lessened power of oxygenation in patients who

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reconstruction and industrial and corporate expansion to the

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of hypertrophy with prolapse from the too frequent or injudicious

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M.D. The papers published in the Medico Chirurgical

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ment of tuberculosis il ieen in table this mercurial compound of allyl

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deposed that in his opinion the building of Tenterton steeple was the cause

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dundant health. A dark haired young man who was attached as

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