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was employed before and in the other forceps had been used

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Pott s di sease under etTicient me hanical treatment. N.

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from injury with the exception of slight pleuritic adhe

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died in excruciating agony. The sanitary authorities of

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of the urethra or the passage of blood clots gravel or

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there being only one case which he could at present

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sorted to acidulated cold drinks were given and ergo

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young w oman of a highly nervous temperament who in

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apposition all that is requisite is to place your subject before

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was somewhat jerking but tlie same at both sides. There

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Dr. Leet This certificate which is the one accepted by

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of the entire system. These symptoms are referable to

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he attributed this to the excellent antiseptic properties of

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boy aged fifteen years who seemed perfectly well upon going to bed.

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tubes are conducted through thi and discharge the ui

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report on Dr. Salmon be received and referred to the publication committee for

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ounce or more of dark fluid blood. The vessels in the

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consequent to earlier administration of medicants given by the

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after the menopause they give rise to the always gravely

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feeding at some time during the period of lactation.

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dilatation of the branches of an artery most commonly the temporal has

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ness or delusion that within a few blocks of the business

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times associated with phosphaturia and indeed phosphaturia may assume

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in the wound requiring ligature. At times it will be

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that she held her head to one side and later the spinal

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May and Newcastle upon Tyne and Edinburgh in the beginning of

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the Tuesday after each meeting of the Section for the purpose of abstracting

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i gt ic.. Pearl headed Pin in Secondary Bronchus on Right Side

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also inspect the men discharged and those detained for

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it is largely dependent upon inflammatory changes set up in the organ

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exempt from its attacks to which both sexes seem equally liable.

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accepted Fracture of the neck of the femur occurs at

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servation and gives il as his most positive opinion that

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