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fibres of the internal sphincter muscle to descend along the outer

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of an interlobular artery in the spleen. T s. fluid

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nized by Governments and the general public. The appalling mor

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country it must also be admitted that the actual trials

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anemia scurvy or some other profoundly altered blood enmlitioL j

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bear and may be administered to produce a prompt effect to

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destroy all the other organisms in the stomach except

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surgical treatment of ectopic pregnancy a condition which

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the operator being tired told his partner to try and locate the

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mixture of guinea pig serum and water precipitates the globulin

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Plevna that the losses have not become more severe.

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sidered that it was the rule for persons in deep coma to breathe

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ducive to bringing about a lack of respect for such bodies

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intestinal indigestion or complained of constant soreness of twinges

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to operative intervention at once and so a Cresarean

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commences in the dura mater the inflammatory action is usually limited to

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Makuen emphasizes the importance of the faucial tonsils

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mation no follicles palpation elicited no tenderness

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of typhoid fever of cholera of dysentery of paralysis

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the osseous structures not accompanied by cavernous hypertrophy.

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results. In this series of fourteen all of which were

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dependent. The process of purulent secretion should be per

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peritonitis a condition involving the entire peritoneum

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varieties. They were valvular one consisting of two blades

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operations possible without the dangers attending pneumo

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to disturbance of the floor of the fourth ventricle.

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na vus will become black and a line of separation will

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that portion which occupies the chink is made very narrow

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Heart Lung Preparation. Although the isolated heart is most useful

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A little later there was some aphasia and later still

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introduced at an interval of twenty four hours the second and larger

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in the horse a circumscribed chronic inflammation in one lobe

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high sounding name of uric acid diathesis and a foundation of ac

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again made before the locality is declared free from the conta

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bronchial tubes. On the basis of this atropin was used prophylactically


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