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Hygienic No. rolled to twice the thickness used for pies. Bake in a
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directions re establishing order in the functions and reani
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it reasonably certain that this member of the family
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tain keratohyalin. Further Bostrcem has demonstrated that a close rela
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through the peritoneum on the posterior siurface of
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influenza both however written before the prevalence of the recent visita
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In several important points it differs from pepsin. Papoid acts
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Mummery and others it has been shown beyond proof that the
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lapse is prolonged throughout the fit. In ordinary cases
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book from a bookcase so he arose and walked across the room
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exhibited alarming signs of asphyxia obviously from
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shoe pad. In introducing this subject before a veterinary asso
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may be presented to the practised ear or eye and yet the patient
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cut and with a pair of dressing forceps a pinch was
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gaping mouths of the severed lymphatics in a ligature. That the
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Gibson must have modified his views he was under the impression
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sometimes beneficial affording immediate and marked relief. It may then bi
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ceased in connection with the administration of the chloral that the
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small pox only to a limited extent. A large proportion of those
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There is a class of persons who seemingly possess im
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dissecting room but in a chemical laboratory in a physiological labora
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life in a daughter than in a son and earlier in tlie
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of which the disease was established when the women
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cumstance that the bulk of the affected lungs has undergone diminution from
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ish the loss of life among our soldiers employed on the Gold Coast.
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be given very slowly. The effect of these solutions


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