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macteric insanity using the term in its accepted sense

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est years of his practice derives great benefit from

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that interfere with the abdominal circulation and cause venous hyper

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noon and night sweats. The physical examination at the

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or eight cases in all of which he thought it had done ood.

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surprising when one appreciates that according to Parker and

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action but there are no reliable data regarding sporulation. They

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we would count it rather important for the patient s welfare to open

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the anasarca less the daily quantity of nrine increased from

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bulbar forms. The two latter forms it is wiser to consider together

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Still people do not care about that so long as they can

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powder is to be applied upon a layer of wadding which is to

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of varying size the values are greater the lighter the animal. This is

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The contrast must impress your minds with the immeasureable gain

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and that their fields and woods are at all times clad with

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digestion so that the individual capsules vary not more than three tenths of

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far from anything interesting. If you like to smoke

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flushed in fact all the symptoms were of considerable intensity

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but supplementary surveys became necessary as new problems involved special

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their clinical resemblance to those just described. The

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reflection it seems exceedingly appropriate that these cha ters

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cure to gm. of cognac in addition to a bottle of wine as

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favor of a spread by direct continuity from the deep

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as by a touchstone syphilidc from non syphilitic eruptions.

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There can be no question however that every one who in this


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