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tropics. The results he has obtained are publislied in Virchow s

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services were much appreciated by the Imperial Govern

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In rare cases the endocarditis may be infective and may then give rise

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body possibly an idiosyncrasy. Second the dose of the

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nate and over anxious attempts to secure immediate results.

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ficed because forsooth the hunter did not wish to return empty handed

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bone and assist in the passing of the faeces or manure. In

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septa and caused their division. A section of such a gland shows a

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Lauder Brunton s views as expressed in his Croonian Lectures on

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Perception. Perception as here understood is the dis

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in the public school. There was a definite selection of

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M. D. will represent the Medical Society of Delaware at a meeting of

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after unless indicated by the answers to the cjuestions

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at times the value of minor technicalities that are

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hemorrhage during the operation and the daneer of sec

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of the acute swelling of the spleen and the numerous hemor

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be furnished with a nominal roll in duplicate of the men

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and removal of the pectoral fascia and superficial layer

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reach of the united profession of the entire Union. The

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statements of occupations upon the death certificates during that year.

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attract more general attention we may mention under

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of hydrastin may be given in five tfl ten drop doses every two

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Pott s di sease under etTicient me hanical treatment. N.

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general aspect of the body is pale while the cheeks

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woods who ride fifteen or twenty miles to visit their patients. I

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tanelle tij ht. Belly ver slightly retracted. Bowels are moved


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