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one and well worthy of discussion by such a Society as this. Even

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number of facts derived from the first source of experimental evidence it is

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wish to repeat that the symptoms of so called toxemia are due

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the General Medical Council from time to time to issue to the

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row vertical fibres passing through a fatty pad in the

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There occurs not infrequently an interesting and usually

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opinion of your committee is somewhat more than one third

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elastidiy of the healthy lung exerts a sort of suction upon the inner

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speech was either deranged or lost and in those instances their

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Boston Lying in Hospital showed that out of seventy

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unpardonable offence to her. She was amazingly ingenious in her ways of

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tion at the beginning of labor on healthy women with

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to some of the objects of interest exhibited by M. Charriore.

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complained of violent twinges in the right side shooting up to

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ment composed of opium and belladonna as I have indicated.

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ditions are such that they can not succeed. Wherever the conditions

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years old weighing pounds. She was a widow of years

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very fatal in the first year and altogether so in the first lustrum

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but great prostration of strength from the beginning. The

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French prejMuration contains a minute quantity of extract of opium.

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Equal parts patient s serum nth day normal leukocytes and pneumococci.

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amongft thofe who judge of ftones only by the eye pals for tolerable

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tibice were slightly curved anteriorly the spine was kyphotic the skin dry

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ing treatment the patient loses flesh or the digestion

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of the mind should as far as practicahle be avoided. Lik bt. rnrr

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process of diffusing vapors and gases is by far the

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attainment of that object without prejudice to other interests.

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most abundant on the legs as is the case in this patient. A

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and qualification to practise the same by the Examining

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plasm numerous colonies of micrococci developed in the

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fibroid forms of pulmonary disease we have the pressure signs giving evi

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changes be so difficult to realize even in trying only some

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originating m the gall bladder or liver the pain usually

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this adhesiveness of words that he who is a perfect master of

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great loss of sight. Six days after this attack when he came


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