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the stronger stroke necessarily gives less exact or
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tous change. Childe reported carcinoma of the rectum in three sisters in
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skin and black skin on a wound in white skin. The ex
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injected into the rectum will probably not pass the
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nized by Governments and the general public. The appalling mor
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thus ending a fit of not more than three minutes duration.
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of which are so liable to give dissatisfaction to tlie
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tions between the fermentabiHty of the different organic media.
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It is usual on occasions of this kind to take a rapid
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Clara B. weeks old entered the Presbyterian Hospital on
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the level of pickles. It seems positively crude to damage
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No water even that in cesspits is too foul for some
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PaUlolofy. The kidDeya are eolKi ed and on section pre
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were like those often seen in traumatic epilepsy the
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chronic broncho pneumonia a rare termination in the simple a common
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the problem a proper gwsp of the ethical spirit always enables
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practically powerless and the patient needs all the aid possible to
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when it passes from the luminous body to the eye without meeting any
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and abundant experience in manipulating the human bladder under all
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screws both of them have a lower resistance than the circuit
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lation that will enable its students to practice with
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createctomy than one ever sees ketonuria developing on ordinary mixed
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George s Hospital led him to believe the reverse these cases
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provement patient vomited everything given her even a
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commend it to the notice of his Professional brethren and the
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direct connection may be traced between the early convulsive seizures and
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Having made these observations I shall next call your atten
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is Laparotomy. After thorough cleansing and sterili
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namely there is no profuse perspiration and the per
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catheter or at least by Mr. Toynbee s otoscope so as not
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media and the third C. dextra inferior or ileocolica.
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gations remarking in passing that the paper is well illustrated by
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observations of by far the large majority of modern dermatologists amply
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better than a letter. But.assuming that a letter was to be written then
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rator after having opened the capsule in the centre acts with


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