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Willi the Sixteen Instruments Contained in this Case any Ordinary
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remedies that repair natural forces in the same simple direct
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fibers which cause it to contract about once a minute thus
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Hospital Board had since resolved immediately to take
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recently revived is that the malady is developed in dogs kept under
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Interstate transportation and exportation of meats and meat food products.
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spots clearly had their origin in hemorrhages although they could not be
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gentlemen would use a mixture of anaesthetics and run
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softened swollen and presenting evident signs of fatty de
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Manila and Pasig which were directly traceable to Pan
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were only yesterday clerks and mill hands arc not even
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well as cultures from the lymph nodes yielded no growths.
the Brucea sumairana a plant of the Simarouba family. The dose
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Because rebreathed air has not been demonstrated to be harmful is
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fidential nature. Such records are the property of the hospital
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synovia in his resections of tuberculous knees. Possibly
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of gas and indicates an unhealthy condition of the digestive tract.
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All tliat relates to the vegetable kingdom whether it be anatomical
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The fleshy folds under the jaw were decayed at their edges
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another while they pursue their deadly course. If such is
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In regard to the general conditions attendant upon bruits in chlorosis
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Canada etc. etc. The Act provided that the six senior
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dip which I believe did not prove so satisfactory as was antici
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inery provided under legislation for the prevention of Venereal Dis
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can be applied to all cases indiscriminately and in the present state of
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may affect the upper arm alone lower arm alone or both. The
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namely there is no profuse perspiration and the per
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regions. The only preventixe measures used are the occa
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by pressure of the external muscles. The latter theory
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uses solutions of twenty per cent to thirty per cent. he
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