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Dr. Johnstone Well water is more pliant than glycerine. That is

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tress and signs of hemorrhage immediate simple urethrot

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Upon this the first appearance of the plague in Great

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following day both ears swelled and were included in the painting with

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their history are actuated only by selfish considerations.

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ing the larynx sometimes producing suffocation. D.

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times be used with advantage. Portions of cartilage or

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Thomas R. Crowder iNTovember reported an interesting

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struction to give and this for short periods at com

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ing bacilli to possess precisely similar cultural and

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being present parallel with the total loss of all func

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messes. After the middle of theater directives required that such com

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labor under the difficulty that the ulcerations which

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remove more than the breast while in others a partial excision

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cerning the problems of acceleration. This directive proposed to give the

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their periphery are as Panizza demonstrated of different

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case seems worth reproducing and is printed in full.

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extensive enough for me to attach much importance to my

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rive employment Bj far the most certain and useful remedy is ofuum

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dary lesions are not marked and a careless physician relying

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concentrated Oxygen has been incorporated and can be taken

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diseases of the respiratory tract. This success has followed

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side and had quickened respiration with cough and some

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history. Renouard s classifications are unfortunate at

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absolute percentages in such a small number of cases but

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