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of all good digestion. The sagacious gourmand is ever
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cially liable to occur in connection with haemorrhagic variola the
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satisfaction. Respectfully sufficiently frequently to satisfy myself of its merits. It is of
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the laryngoscopic examination shows it to be dependent upon
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infection. All ages even the fetus in utero are susceptible
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following remarks The only disease in which the sight is
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coagula originating in the vessel itself. Pieces of disintegrated coagula
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tion of it to the wound does not cause that exudation which
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fa ONE FLUID DRACHM represents the Anodyne principle of gt
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try to call attention to the prevalence of leprosy in
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organs has been greatly overestimated by many and under
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geon or a neighboring qualified medical practitioner in all doubtful
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is employed. The metliod will be described presently.
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The nipples may be hardened by rubbing them daily with
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a very full measure of success. On the other hand the
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several patients of similar strength and constitution but affected
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by the cattlemen and sheepmen who owned the vast herds and
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Samuel Hope Morley Esq. ex officio Go eruor of tlie Bank of England
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pastime par excellence for medical men. All the petty
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do was to keep the scalp in such a condition that when
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exist of which I relate two instances observed by myself in which the
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meeting at which tUiry are chosen and until their succoHSorH are chosen.
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quite free of renal symptoms. This becomes at once evident if one
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transmit spoken written or mimic language enter into action.
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ganized an Anti Slavery Library Society and collected to purchase
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up the arm centring in the thick skin of the elbow. In
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speech we find amnesia of nouns to be so marked a symptom we
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will notice with interest the allegations made by the prisoner


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