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versity of Vienna. We regret to learn that his reason for taking this

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no excuse to leave their ranks at a critical moment of the fight to carry

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lication." Now, seeing that the central office has never yet had the oppor-

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Subsequent experience and reading have confirmed my previous belief.

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which the plant happens to be accidentally connected. Liebig's hypo-

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to the conclusion that the ligamentum patella; had been ruptured, and

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behalf of the Association Mr. Forster's proposition that so much for

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After remarks on the fallacies w-hich attend the attempt to ascertain

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ceps. He preferred it when the pelvis was narrow. He had felt gieat

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agreement not to practise in the town for six months. — About four years after X.

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Frerichsll mentions, in liver-abscess, the pain in the shoulder, scapula,

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employed was that brought forward by Dr. Lente, of dipping a probe

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the Surgical Out-patients and the Patients attending in the Special De-

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M. Husson has calculated that about 3000 infants arc nursed out in this last man-

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tory: The Classification and Elementary Structure of Vegetables and Animals.

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the stage of active elimination from the blood through the mucous

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Bennett, M.D., Convener of the Association's Committee. — The

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Secretary— " That the cordial thanks of this meeting be given to Dr.

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voluntary muscular forces ; it has induced efficient contraction of the

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the attendants. To complete the preventive code, immediately .after

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5. Mr. SVMPSON read a case of Resection of the Os Calcis, and

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Dr. J. Batty Tuke complains that, whereas the official nomencla-

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Some questions connected with the out-patient departments of the

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that double optic neuritis might occur from disease of but ojie cerebral

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The Treasurer said that had been thoroughly carried out.

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is to be held in London under the presidency of Dr. Maudsley.

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rules, if he would gain that vantage ground from which the highest suc-

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the first instance accepted, there were objections entertained which

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sons and clothing of those removed. A house of refuge is at the

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the memory of Sir James Simpson and Mr. Syme, whom he described

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The lecturer adverted to the grandeur of the privilege and prerogative

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Hewitt, Graily, M.D. On a New Instrument for securing the Pedicle

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formation given by these records would amply reward those who would

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seconds, his breathing became more frequent, and he then rapidly lost

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without assistance. The conditions were precisely those which he had

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(Knapp's Archizfur Ophthalmologic, etc.). He looks upon them as sac-

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plete in itself — has no communication with the main building. The

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la ventilation, etc., repond notamment a des preocupations et a des

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Thirteen other candidates were examined, but failed to acquit them-

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