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chest and abdomen, as previously stated, was quite negative,

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band's life miserable, even soing the length of throwing whatever she

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said that the experiment of entrusting our health adminis-

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whilst their self-respect prevents their availing themselves of the other.

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many instances in which friends of his made him write their

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Fairplay insists that, as the new ranks and titles have been applied to

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Secretary of State asking for a Staff allowance, and Sir John

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how many instances the disease might be said to have spread

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The births registered in England and Wales during the quarter under

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natural philosopher. It should, moreover, be a place where the congre-

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Nine candidates were referred in both subjects, 4 in Anatomy only, and '

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undergoing decomposition in the presence of magnesia and

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■fay the American Government to examine the condition of

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titled to attend these meetings and to introduce professional friends —

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appointed, at any rate in all large towns, who should be

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schoolboy, as we see him, can write or construe easy Latin

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(Jtain's Anatomy. By E. A. ScH-iFER and G. D. Thane.

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ation of what are distinguished as penal cases, in order that

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with the advance of education medical books were more freely

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The cause of the mischief, the gall stones, may be found

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Surgeon. board, lodging, and washing provided. .Appi'-atirtns. en-

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is at fault. From time to time the discovery of some wonder-

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this time no particular record was kept on this head, although

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cause of death. Coroners' inquiries were often nothing but a

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the hips and linees very sliglitly. There was only the slightest movement

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the disease, relapse during convalescence in her case being attributed

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neatness and handiness of the testing case which Messrs.

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tremely offensive smell. As we pointed out some time ago

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Dr. BoxALL showed three specimens of early tubal gesta-

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instance of the value of the procedure has come to light in


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