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banks show the presence of exostoses in the ears remarkably frequently

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than decimated whereas at present we have to regret the loss of

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membrane in November. All seemed satisfactory until December

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anopheles mosquito which is already infected. In typhoid

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exists between licking disease and osteomalacia since in both

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enteritis one of tertiary syphilis one of diarrhoea with

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sick after the judicious cleansing of the skin is very

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expelled into the intestines is retained and driven into the di

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abscess but rather to point out some of the difliculties. Almost every

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watery scalding Diarrhoea fetid watery Sudden sinking

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ated for that condition. No gall stones were found. The

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An automated method for the determination of total hemolytic

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crop of papules succeeds another and the disease becomes

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a large sum for damages. This award with his character

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and soothing that they keep on taking it after the pain is

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for mental disease. The record contains several pieces of correspondence from Mrs.

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leeching gave great relief to pain the patient had a good night

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slowly enlarged and pressed upon the stricture. For this purpose

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and testes constitute the axis around which his earthly

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Prompt operative intervention however is powerful in saving life in

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quested to respond to a request from the Board of Medical

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have questioned the propriety of attempting a cure of facial palsy by a

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points in the history were corroborated by his father.

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of the deaf and dumb. Without multiplying examples of it I

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the vapour very largely with air. He had only taken two or

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Counsellors alone to be entitled to hold office where they occur

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union of the nerve resulted. As yet there is too little evidence

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moides M. dolomieu and Amia calva from Lake Maxinkuckee Indiana.

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tration and if given in suitable doses to produce a quiet refreshing

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The excretion begins early and the poison has been detected in

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intestine which either on account of this extra burden or

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thickening of the valves. There had been a temporary lesion pro

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General defects in position of station as whether on low

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individual were found in an ancient grave in the vicinity

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cows resisted successfully small amounts of the above cultm e when

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and mental fatigue. Sometimes there is retinal hyperaesthesia and the

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lent though the patient had taken in thirty minutes

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the happy marriage of the worthy couple and the comely offspring


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