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ally and steadily declines so that S. as high as or

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minal parietes deficient posterior wall of bladder thrust for

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called was more familiar than even today when sundry practi

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was associated with most extensive injury to the brain.

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started owed to conservatism its strength. For there

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fingers and the hand itself do not show any change of

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the contents of the rectum its wall or mucous membrane is

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The Faculty of Medicine University of Toronto has instituted

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The mucous membrane is suijerficially infiltrated but

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to produce a number of local specific ulcerations having the characters

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We are more than sorry to see Dr. Reynolds leave Minne

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a vegetable parasite suggested the name Phytu u for

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at the termination of the first period of study or in all the

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times it is difficult to detect the imposition. Malingerers

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dominating numbers. Gangrene is prone to occur in pneu

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edges are pushed sidewise over the inguinal regions so as

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as to the effect of this Western region including South

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a correct diagnosis should be arrived at. The different

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and cecum Parrot. At first pearly white in color the curd like flakes

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Wm. McPherson had applied for a license to practise. He

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take a systematic study of this important subject and its presen

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introduced at an interval of twenty four hours the second and larger

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described above. As the abscess development progresses rup

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wound and the heart if the bleeding is from a vein the pressure

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the foundation of practice. But in thisargument the rationalist


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