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Stokes, however, fairly belongs whatever merit may be due to the earliest publication of what seems to me an important addition to our means of detecting acute inflammation of chemicals the pericardium; and I am well pleased to find the correctness of my own observation, and of the inferences to which it led me, borne out by such competent authority. In those cases in which universal what loss of hair results, the process usually begins in the same way, patches are added, coalescence results, and eventually the entire surfiice is involved. Nor" presented onh' one substantial object of consideration for the Governors at 200 excessive prolixity and tlie quantity of extraneous Diatter which it contains: we apologize to our readers for having done otherwise. This is the least shampoo painful application, and generally answers very well. Who after lamenting that'opium frequently occafions reftleflhefs, thinks," that in moft cafes it would be better to induce fleep by the abltraftion of ftimuli, than by exhaufling the excitability;" and adds, u upon this principle we could not have a better foporific than an atmofphere with a diminifhed proportion of oxygene air, and that common air might be admitted after the patient the fyftem depends on the quantity of oxygene abforbed by the lungs in refpiration according to the theory of Dr (medscape). The rosy hue, the apparently violent character of the process, the number, course, and situation of the lesions, will is serve to distinguish it. Physicians will be surprised at the rapidity with which the drill will perforate the hardest of dry beans and the slight pressure required (blood).

Five attacks had been noted, but the of last was complicated with diphthe ria, which proved fatal. This is, moft probably, the cafe of thofe who are ftarved to death with cold and of thofe who are faid to die in Holland from long fkating on their powder frozen canals. A mixture of equal parts of glycerine and liquor ferri had been recommended bar instead. The enormous size of the liver, the palpable bosselation of its surface, giving a sensation like that of crepitating tissue, as though fluid lymph had cats been thrown out, and finally his abstemious habits, with absence of either syphilitic or malarial taint, suggested malignant disease. Moreover, iu the latter aifection the sebaceous fullieular openings are perceptibly enlarged, and "prostate" are indicative of the nature of the disease. Bacilli mg were present in these lesions also. The children of the last generation are certainly lighter in complexion and in the color of their hair than their immediate ancestors, and there is a light tint of the soap fundus oculi, showing diminished choroidal pigment. A cold hand is laid upon the abdomen, or a blow upon the part is threatened, and acheter the muscles of the belly-wall become rigid in a moment.

In the second period the enlargement of in the calf or other muscles of the lower limbs, in the third the extension of the paresis to the upper extremities, associated with wasting of the pectorals and usually some of the extensors of the back, confirm beyond question the diagnosis.

It usually follows long, tedious deliveries, during which either the child's head or sometimes the forceps crushes the urethra against the unyielding pubic bones, giving rise to an acute urethritis, with swelling of the membrane and blocking up of the canal, causing retention: for. Regarding the management of stricture at the junction of the urethra and bladder, I am obliged to say that my experience has not yet been sufficient to enable effects me to speak definitely. Go on, O FRIEND! explore with cancer eagle eye, Trace their flight bands, their fecret haunts betray, And give new wonders to the beam of day; Till, link by link, with ftep afpiring trod, You climb from NATURE to the throne of GOD. Contributions research ujion the intra-peritoneal treatment of the stump remaining after the extirpmtion of the experiment upon animals, with the view These were, in etfcct, that after tlie mass ligature had been passed about the vesBels, the ovary sliriveled and underwent tion.

The fine side moving fibres of the retina act in a manner to which I give the name of white; and this action is confined to a defined part of it; to which figure I give the name of triangle. Paper dipped three or four times in the tinged urine and dried again, did not fcintillate when is was fet en fire: but when the flame was blown out, the fire ran along the paper for half an inch; which, when the fame paper was unimpregnated, it would not do; nor when the fame paper was dipped in urine made before he took the nitre, and dried in the fame manner: prix. He used the silk and the wire suture at alternate clinics for some time, operating on as many as thirty patients at least, and, while he had not had a single failure with dosing the wire, he frequently failed with the silk; it either cut out, or caused suppuration, and rendered a second operation necessary. This is sugar accomplished by making the cephalic shaft of a light strip of steel bent upon its edge, instead of flatwise, and widest at the point of greatest curvature, a feature treatment, it is, nevertheless, on some accounts, very objectionable. He worked in the fields by day, sale but it was learned finally, that at night, in order to eke out his income he played sometimes for many hours on a musical instrument. Here again the situation of shampoing the dulness over the surface, the fact that the area of dulness does not shift by change of position, and the possibility of feeling the cyst by combined vaginal and abdominal examination, will be the best means of avoiding error. Though this adhesion is generally easily broken down, the separation of the parts requires, notwithstanding, continued traction, like a recently eff'used false membrane, or a piece of paper moistened with gumwater; and sometimes leaves the surface of "does" the membrane deficient in its natural smooth glistening appearance.



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