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secondary arthritis. How far possible absorption of toxins from the intes-
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collected records of 20,770 autopsies from various Austrian hospitals, where
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bacteria. Ruffin,* on the other hand, has reported a case in which there
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('\rr, that till' liii_'hrr ri'iilnal rniti'is mit i'\t rniirly si'iisitivi' to ilrpri
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whatever of symptoms referred to the back, and attention is easily directed
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severe hemorrhage must be controlled; the fever may be reduced by spong-
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rity, for they were fatal, and fatal with black vo-
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sider is its lnnlrDiii n-lmi niitit iilrnlioii. This value increases in the Mcxi
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The cases of microcephalus may be divided into two groups — those the
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In susceptible individuals a slight trauma may suffice to bring on an attack.
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and is represented by a fibrous sac filled with a cheesy, greasy, or calcified
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durrng three of the last years of the war I procured at the Ad-
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pulling up of the larynx brings the opening into it near to the lower
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of the gland, although in such cases there was probably a disease of the gland
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l'i.':i|.|.,;ii;iti.',' ..!' 111.. I'nU.. in il,.. \',.in-i, Uii.".
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pure ailiumiii'i and provided with a vei'tical <,'lass tube, is ])laced in an
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Muite transitory in nature, althoufrh the stimulation of the pressor nerve is
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thyroid tumors. In England the former usage prevailed down to a very
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iill ill "ii<'«'- Till' cNiilaiiatiuii is that I'clalivt'ly nimv adsinption dt' a
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taneously and on pressure. These spontaneous pains may continue for a
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tlic I'liiiii'al cdinlil inn of canliai" |>ali('iits, |>aili('iilarly as rcsiards tin'
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of the finger is convex, from the last knuckle to the tip of the nail, and the
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llowiiii; out of tlie heart to tin' aorta in a iriveii time is exactly e<|U,
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of the urethra beforehand with some antiseptic solution, followed with
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of snhslanees in solution. As tin' slan.lar.l of neutrality, l-ure water is
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and delirium, helps to quiet the action of the heart, and at times actually
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siil-stanees as uducose i neenf rated solution ai„l, pn.l.ahlv „f hvdn,
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T pi. ■.•,., an. I tl..' .1. lints ma.!.' aii' li-hl liy tap.'. The stem ,if the T
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The right lobe b affected oftener than the left, possibly from the relation
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A number of investigators have described particular organbms which
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lint on Jlonli- K'osii.'" Tin- indiii-it iviilcni-c inis liccii funiislicij l.y nl>
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of the fingers. In April, 1891, she had dizziness and perhaps loss of con-
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are treated with alkalines for a prolonged period inorganic calculi form.
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the stomach ciisiderahly imn-e sloul\ tiiaii if protein aloiu' liad
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known liorc ptTinits us 1 par.- tli.'ir siiifa.'f 1.nsi..ns, an. I if this
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