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decreased markedly but other causes were affecting this problem

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ness of the throat and the gxnuu al toxic symptoms of atropia. It

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parts of the world and is only noticed in cattle that are

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sons suffering from nervous debility would do well to examine

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somes was not attempted. Recently however Lingard proved by long

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June r. Dr. Murray read a Paper entitled u A general

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nervous systems for extraordinary feats are not the proper guides for the

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orthodox period of time before changing the dressing is con

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military authorities. There can be no opposition to an hospital ship

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the incus was not found having probably been destroyed by caries

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so scientific and critical as those of the French writer. His conclu

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engages the attention of pathologists to a greater degree than the micro


disease. It is a shame the analysis should have been

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because tliey would cut through between the intestinal loops.

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written descriptions. Massage of the eyeball is prac


know all about the radical cure of precancerous con

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finished his medical studies there obtaining his de

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This explosive compound is a most potent medicinal agent.

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Hospital simple boiled water for this purpose with perfect satisfaction.

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the only money and nine persons out of ten fail to receive or

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the incoming President of the Societj Secretary and Treasurer of

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currence of the chylo serous urine but occasional attacks of

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ment with the conclusions reached thereby. He is con

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enhsted the interest not only of those public medical officials whose

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the combined use of ureteral sounding and X ray examination a

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stances the body of the child would be pushed forwards fol

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laryngeal nerve. As a result there is paralysis of the majority

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adherent to the tumour and the tumour was so adherent to the

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ing to his statement had had homosexual impulses with

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These various devices should be protected with valves so that they


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