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Educational and Scientific Trust of the Pennsylvania Medical Society.

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One case was cured by Mr. Higginbottom by means of the sul

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instances exceedingly deranged. The brain and nervous system the function

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severe pain in one ear. Acute purulent inflammation

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erably lowered by care in technique and by not making

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instructions about the preparation and subsequent care

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the narcotic effects of alcoholic Liquors was admitted on

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quence. Mathematically exact measurements would re

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of man Homoeopathists with regard to the action of their remedies. A

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hotel one two squares off and another at least five squares

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this demonstration of his complete restoration to health

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for six seven and sometimes ten days in the severer

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The child made an uninterrupted recovery but the face

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either the cervical portion of the spinal cord or the medulla oblongata.

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innocuous by utilising it for growing crops the scheme pro

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seconded by Dr. Gairdner That in the opinion of this College

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attributed to the amount of alkaline carbonates contained in these

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without the operation. I have seen very severe fractures

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