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point insisted on by Dr. Bateman who has given a detailed

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the greatest possible safeguard against infection of any kind

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quantity of urine than can be conveniently contained in

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system is relaxed then gradually reduce the dose. Midway

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If there is retention of urine draw it with a catheter.

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deduce any positive conclusions of the character indicated.

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mate covers the whole body as a defense against the extreme cold

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be the most successful therapeutist who watches carefully the

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Mikulicz s syndrome is possibly one of lukemia Mikulicz s disease proper

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the trustees at the time was stated the receipts and payments

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for itself. There are no valves to get out of order and if

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mottled appearance owing to the deeply congested hepatic and the anemic

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In September I was informed that an alarming disease

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consequence of severe traumatic lesions such as a compound

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nation the kindly old physician trudging through the

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multiple procedures are performed. Medicare in general will pay

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guinea he stands little chance of getting it. Why then should

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recent research findings and techniques developed by NIH investigators

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servative and mild. Retained fetal membranes may be re

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father who was at the time the subject of the tubercular

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side and the scab develops usually remaining on the arm for a

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does not show any of the principles found in the febrifugal barks.

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daily for several weeks which did not have much vesicating effect.

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On dissecting the diseased joint the ligaments were found

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chona plants. In the first week in November Mr. Markham s


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