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cliloroform and ergot to mitigate the evils of their
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in secure close apposition of the divided ends it is likely
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A per cent solution injected subcutaneously or directly into the ui e
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ing the peritoneum from the abdominal wall on either
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hemiplegia of the limbs. This alternate paralysis generally points to a
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est form of erysipelas. In its course the animals show after
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observations it cannot be doubted that the bite of beasts much
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ilis is shown by J. Bauer in the li iener klinische
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and such certificate will be conclusive as to the right of the person
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one in which they can give valuable aid. Fully prepare
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fetid odor. Liquid food is more easily taken although sometimes
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the cases as really cured. One suggestion to the larger
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peated episodes of rapid palpitation lasting up to
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the bite of a tick the Ornithodoros moubata the disease
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that the patients remained sitting while the head was perfectly anaesthetic.
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easually made in accidental actions of the tongue and lips but the
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of mankind and domestic animals. It is true that some micro
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an efficient school of medicine the want of which has been so
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are very numerous and an approximate estimate only is
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peritonitis is happily rather difficult to illustrate to
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During several classes about percent of the officers were medical officers
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epileptics alcoholics many cripples many who are diseased and many who are sexually
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Society and to compare the ideas which were then accepted in
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instance of epididymitis or orchitis. In Osier s series


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