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tic ism that attends the introduction of every improvement
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navy on the Pacific Coast at Panama and in the early
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cover the proper correctives. These will not succeed
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amoeboid bodies with or without pigment and a dark and shrunken
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the views of the Navy Department or the Naval Service at large.
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also showed myriads of these diplococci. By the injection of pure cul
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doubly contoured bodies. Cultures remained sterile. This sediment s dned
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needs of practical chemistry on this side of the Atlantic.
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whereas our records have to do with tumors superficially
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While we may confidently expect therapeutic discoveries of
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swelling pain and soreness gradually subside and disappear. The indammlj
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if possible some one who has had the disease engaged to act as
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more favourable. Dr. Thompson examined the urine in
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Definition. An acute highly contagious fever with specific localization
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pushed back behind them and only its lower tip could be seen but
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ready to admit that such tendencies may be present after glancing
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may take place later. In tuberculous pericarditis the exudate may undergo
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his treatment to one definite condition viz. the necessity of the organ
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somewhat pointed. The stomach when outlined with bis
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