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tubercle really he maintained a bovine tubercle with
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Elytropappus rhinocerotls el it ro pap pus rhin os
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the New York Ear Dispensary for treatment Septendjer
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That he considered was the lesson to be learned from the facts recorded.
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the latter s hand in what seemed to him an unusual man
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atively small opening or we may find the walls of the ventricle
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through the peritoneum on the posterior siurface of
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lings by straining the cooling agitation drawing off from
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experiment. They show that the horses were susceptible but
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on atis lt nltatory percu.ssion might have been.somewhat fuller and
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each other very closely. The anal aperture was wholly
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effect that acute anterior poliomyelitis in early life
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traction. The first step of the operation proper was the subcutane
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health officers were afraid to open up the question of
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has been called passive inflammation. Some object to the term and
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Resident Physicians Selection may be appointed by the
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moveable however and hence I undertook its extirpation. It
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after a few days an eruption of the face appears and continues
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some years on the Continent we must conclude that his oppor
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tive major though he be and often addresses himself to a
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tous change. Childe reported carcinoma of the rectum in three sisters in
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dose. These facts are well known and the doses administered to each
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Properfics. Elxpectorant demulcent and slightly tonic. Is much used in
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The tonsils are at the period of greatest activity about
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ing from partial deafness and all from more or less
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others. Where the patient is a perfornner upon any instrument the
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pathology and diagnosis he becomes able to discriminate
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and of such Officers and men as may be attached thereto
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Dr. Hamilton throws in his experience in testimony of the
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training will ever enable him to call up their sound images. For
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and a globulin fraction which precipitates during dialysis corre
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tion diarrhea enteritis and a whole list of troubles which affect man and
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Dr Cotterill supposed these tumours were not so uncommon as
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