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Phenergan Dose Oral

and preservation of the pupillary reactions. Opinions
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tity given. In two cases, one of epileptic insanity and the
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washed out ; then 500 c.c. of water are left within the
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similar to those of the original attack; hemolytic streptococci were
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ties is reported to have made the day one for a thorough
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freely oyer each other, and Dot collecting together in masses (Fig. 55).
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quality of gastric juice as the normal stimulus of duodenal digestion
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— Naphthol as an Antipruritic. — Kaposi (quoted
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Professor of the Theory and Practice of Medicine and Clinical Medicine in the
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the City of New Y'ork; New London County Medical So-
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catheterization laboratory, open heart surgery team, etc.
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mass of flour into an appetizing, porous food capable of ready pene-
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obtained from voluntary lying-in charities. On the other hand, a very
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ond and third stages he generally used ammonium carbonate,
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distress; on the other hand, it should not be performed too rapidly, nor
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the images is greatest when the movement of the eye is in the direction of
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normal vessels, and stasis or erection is the result The disturbances
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tion. Few diseases have been so over-christened from a
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is apt to take place with free hemoptysis. When the right side of the
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able patients have perhaps less exactly but with the
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these intervals, and in one case the retinal vessels were
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rhaphy is done at once, silver wire being used for the sutures.
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5> Plydrar. submuriat. gr. j. pulv. antim. gr. ij. confect. q. s.
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portion which was attacked by measles. In one year, for instance, I
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in order to account for spots on the defendant's boots, brought two women
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doubt had been chosen chiefly because the locality was
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taining brassy bodies, we ma^^ be very certain that fission is about to
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disease, or abnormal mammograms. A recent study has reported a 2- to 3-fold increase in the risk of surgically
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Very small amounts of glucose probably occur in every normal
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recorded in the left axilla, while only on one occasion did the
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tion, thus in all of its actions resembling " physiological


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