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presence of citric acid or of lemon juice in blood decreased its
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himself all the chemical and microscopic investiga
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for about six weeks and in addition to the other symptoms
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breath of the patients. For the fever is only the confequence
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Being strongly impressed with the hopelessness of the
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Dr. George K. Swinburne replied that he had injected
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and a wider choice in the selection of anaesthetics. In several particulars the
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your patience to the utmost. Time and again you will think you have
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announces his power. Every thing demonftrates the excellence of his nature and
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lated by covering the end of the finger introduced in
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causes of this excessive mortality and particularly to
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in tolerable doses. Although Browning and Gulbransen found that
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ever is as a rule not the chief element in the intra
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anatomists whom I have ever known. I received also a strong stimulus
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sputum raised late in any paroxysm of coughing are most important. We
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to characterize them as filth diseases and that the
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when not affected by preexisting lesions of the naso
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of semilunar injury and strained or ruptured inter
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The success of the procedure depends upon the accuracy
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cases of cured hip joint disease that patients may regain good health after
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addition to these symptoms which are constant during the attacks there
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that all the muscles of the anterior tibial groups are not equally affected
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served but prevention had come into its own at last.
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than by intrauterine transmission. He suggested the milk of specifically immunized
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country. In many of the Continental States there is a society of
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obtained by combining the statistics of Lancereaux Kelynack Yeld Rol
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style well adapted for conveying instruction to the student and
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although perhaps subject to more frequent relapses the greater


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