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receiving the extract of three larvae. The larvae of G. haerrwr
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It is mostly seen between the ages of twenty and forty
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may be attended with marked relief and perhaps lead to recovery.
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On the physician s arrival a short time later various
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the thought that pain had been stopped or a life prolonged.
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conditions croupous pneumonia long continued pleurisy with
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scientific and therefore very few far reaching results in
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ogists it was decided that the patient could not stand
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there was any doubt regarding the case or if the surface
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anterior column of the spinal cord occurred from syphilitic ulcera
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is used by netters to join the ends of the twine and it
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many gradually to lead in the pathway of a true ex
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soldiers and seven boats loaded with provisions and supplies. The
uate of the Jefferson Medical College Philadelphia
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noted and instructions issued to the occupants what dispo


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