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than one opportunity of investigating the modes of ventilation practised

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fessor Rosenstein of Leyden gave it as his opinion that

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of Raleigh N. C pointed out the difficulties in the way of

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breathing more and more diflicult the pulse grew fainter

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and make the patient comfortable. Marked pigmentation augurs a pro

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A correspondent writes British Medical Journal March n

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ment. He said that the boy had always been of no ac

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could open the patient s eyes to these glaring faults

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cal laboratory to establish and declare the standard degree of po

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Ferryville and Bizerte. Air Force units scattered from Algiers to areas one

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quantities during the day. The potassium bromide to be given if neces

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not a panacea for expanded liability. Each physician must

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true vaccination by the crust affo ds thorough protec

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therefore divided by two bends the first called the genu into three

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ance of a positive urobiliniuria but he failed to ex

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arteries is lowered by dilatation of the peripheral vessels

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pulse having a little more volume I advised turning

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summoned to the bedside of a little girl the daughter o


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all the characteristics of real epithelial cells. Like

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sugar in the interior of the eye which leads to disease of that

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jects of the other for scientific purposes is a serious viola

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intelligent after treatment of these cases by the house

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because they can speak and write but they are affected according to

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As already intimated the primary and essential productive

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two showed slight parenchymatous lesions and in thirty five there were scattered

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to yield to medicine. It is different however with chronic peritonitis


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