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Forzest And Alcohol

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which the cocaine is in suflScient concentration to completely
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approach a state of hibernation the better were their
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rarely occur as complications before the end of the second week.
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ment upon which we must chiefly rely. Either one of two
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with the heels so characteristically as in tabes dorsalis. Closure of the
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method than after the intravenous injection (two and a half
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Therapeutics.— Phosphorus increases the tonic action of the iron and
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can only be modified by similar female impress upon the
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behind, and give rise to severe iritis or even irido-choroi-
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series is connected with the tonsils, pharynx, esophagus and larynx ; while the
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varied between 100 and io2~' F, ; respirations, 24 to
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great ravages, and ceased in the following December ; but afterwards
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Case 14. — (Pepper,, London, ISSl.**) A railway signalman received a crushing in-
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bad; food is rejected from the stomach almosl immediately after being taken ; pain
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that number, which was intended principally as an introduction, to
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the left side, nor the invaginated gut upon rectal examination. S. Enteric
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for the ashes of the dead. If relatives prefer, they are allowed
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if at all increased. The explanation of this lies in the concentration of
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discontinued. My notes of the result of treatment in this series of cases extend
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of the pleural cavity was much injected, and the cavity
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"Charing Crow," by J. H. MacMichacl (Chntto und Windus), 19a5.
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and cystic tumors; 7.69 per cent, are telangiectatic
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ing, leaping, or running of the mammal, the crawling of the reptile, and
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the above-mentioned monograph is asked, for tlie titles of the articles by
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to follow, and is convinced that it is much more in use already
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Emphysema. Vesicular Emphysema or Dilatation of the Air-Ceils Anatomical
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volumes have been specially compiled. They seem to us to
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10% to 20% of the parent drug and is 25% to 50% as potent a
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present inquiry and application of ammonia as an antiseptic commenced in 1858.
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a sphere of usefulness to the practitioner, which cannot but give
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The testimonial to Sir Joseph Lister will be presented to him at King's
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and the varying conditions found in individual cases.


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